My name is Filipa Marta and I am a freelance front-end web designer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

But I have a "uncommon" life story that I'll tell you more about.

Since I was in college, I had this desire of learning and working with arts, but my steps took me to the opposite way. I started by studying sciences, with a degree and a Masters in Microbiology and I worked five years as a research scientist.

Arts were in the “hobbies shelf” and the only thing that I had different from science was my DJ gigs by the name Phizz. On July of 2013 I decided to leave my science career and I started working in events production with Match-Attack and Portugal Festival Awards, as a music publicist in my project CONCERTina – after I took a Marketing and Musical Production course. Then I opened a cultural cooperative called FWD Coop with some friends and we did amazing stuff, featured by a music film festival called Muvi Lisboa. I was a music critic too for Fest Magazine and Rua de Baixo webzines.

At that time, I was the brand voice, digital marketing, social media manager and press media manager of CONCERTina, Muvi Lisboa, FWD Coop, DJ Phizz and for other punctual jobs that I had. I developed all the graphic design for DJ Phizz communication and some for Muvi Lisboa. I was one of the directors and producers of Muvi Lisboa Festival 2014 and I did his website in Wordpress without knowing Wordpress technical stuff. I've worked for Arte Sonora music magazine for three months and I did part of their communication with clients, graphic design and copywriting.

With so many challenges it is impossible not to say that I’ve developed my professional skills.

And then I went to SXSW 2014 Festival and it changed my life. I’ve opened my mind and that’s when I took a Web design & Interactive intense course this year of 2015, multiple workshops in Digital Content and Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Storytelling and brand voice, UX and Lean UX, Creativity Shaker.

I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, and I’ve done three websites that you can check at “My Work” section. As a graphic designer, I've done print and digital posters for events, concerts and dj gigs, logos for different companies, press releases. You can check part of them at “My Work” section or go to my Behance portfolio to see all those works.

I am intrigued with colours, shapes and I want to understand why and how people are moved by experience digital platforms.

Nowadays I continue with DJ gigs, I have a music agency called Pinuts and I'm a freelance looking for better ways to growing in the design and front-end development.

[ Download my Curriculum Vitae (pdf) ]

I am currently accepting projects to take on. If you feel like I’m the woman for the job, let’s get down to business and send me an email or see other contacts below.